Floating lantern… Beautiful but dangerous

As you may know, floating sky lanterns is very popular during Loy Krathong festival especially in northern of Thailand such as in Chiang Mai, and many tourists also want to join the festival. I know thousands of lanterns floating on the night sky are really beautiful, but do you know that it is dangerous?

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I have heard that it landed on someone’s roof and burnt the house down, and during Loy Krathong festival Last year (2014), many airlines cancelled night flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It became a big issue again when Bangkok Airways cancelled a flight in Chiang Mai on Jan 1st because sky lantern debris was found in a plane’s jet engine (Just realized that people also floated lanterns in New Year Festival).

Now government is working on the rules to solve this problem and the rules are applied not only for sky lanterns, but also for rockets.

Some people said that we should stop it, while other said that it is a culture. For me, it is possible to cause big damages, and I believe that we all can have fun and enjoy the festival without floating lantern.

 What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with me in the comment!

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