Food court at Siam Center

The food court at Siam Center is a food court chain named Food Republic. If you have travelled around Asia, you might have seen this food court chain before. From Wikipedia, Food Republic is based in Singapore and has branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.


For Siam Center branch, the food court is quite big and offers variety range of food and drinks. What you can expect to eat here is, of course, Thai food. You can also found Asian food such as Indian food, Hong Kong food, Korean food, and Japanese food.


The food court looks new, luxury and clean, but I would say the price of the food in this food court is not cheap. You can expect to pay around 100-250 per meal per person. If you do not want to wait in a long line to eat at the restaurants around, Food Republic can be your choice.

SiamCenterFoodCourt03 SiamCenterFoodCourt04

Update: January 2015

Location/ How to get there: Siam Center, 4th floor. If you go there by BTS, get off at Siam Station.  (Currently Food Republic has 3 branches in Bangkok: Siam Center, Mega Bangna, and CentralPlaza Grand Rama IX )

Have you ever been to Food Republic at Siam Center? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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