Food court at Terminal21… The best food court in Bangkok

I have reviewed many food courts in the shopping malls in Bangkok such as food court at Paragon, food court at CentralWorld, and food court at Siam Center, but the one that I like most is food court at Terminal21.


Unlike food courts in other shopping malls in Bangkok, you would not see many international foods such as Korean food, Japanese food, Italian food here. The majority of the food at this food court is Thai food. You will find the food that you usually see on the streets such as entrees over rice, noodle dishes, Som Tum (Thai Papaya salad), grilled fish balls, and so on. 


Why I like it?

It is incredibly cheap. It is cheaper than other food courts in shopping malls around Bangkok; it is even cheaper than some street food stalls. I read the news that it is a strategy to get people into the mall. They sell cheap food, so people go there to eat. And then most of them spend money at the shops! The strategy is working very well. Many locals know about this and this food court is always full during peak hours: lunch time and dinner time. You can see how cheap the food at food court at Terminal21 is here.


Besides, the taste is also good. Food I love the most in this food court is Som Tum. The stall sells not only Som Tum, but also other spicy Thai foods such as spicy chicken salad. As you may know, Som Tum in food court is usually not great as the one on streets, but this one is an exception. I bought them back home many times. There is only one stall selling Som Tum. Just walk around, you will find it!

For the dessert, try ‘Thai hottest ice cream’ or ‘Ice Cream Yod Se’. The ice cream is served in a hot pot with dry ice inside. There are many flavors available to choose from. You might like it.


One recommendation from me is try not to go there during peak hours because there is less chance that you will get a table.

Update: January, 2015

Location: Terminal21 is located at Asoke Intersection. The easiest way to go there is either get off the skytrain (BTS) at Asoke station and take exit 1 or get off the subway (MRT) at Sukhumvit station and take exit 3. The food court is located at fifth floor. Just go up until go see ‘Pier21’ behind the big Golden Gate Bridge.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 10:00 to 22:00

Have you ever eaten at Terminal21 food court? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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