Fresh fruit smoothies are cheap and delicious in Bangkok

Today I am going to recommend you a drink that you should not miss when you visit Bangkok, including other provinces in Thailand. It is fresh fruit smoothie. I like smoothie especially in summer, and now summer is here, in Bangkok.

Fresh fruit smoothie stalls can be easily found on streets in Bangkok. You will usually see a variety of fresh fruits available for you to choose at the stalls such as apple, orange, strawberry, watermelon, melon, lemon, banana, and so on. You can also find fresh fruit smoothie in the restaurants, but it generally is more expensive.


How to order it: for the restaurants, they will have a beverage menu for you, and you choose from the list, but usually they do not have several fruits and options like the stalls on streets.

On street stalls, there are a variety of fruits and you can tell a vendor to mix the fruits that you like together. Some stalls even offer you several choices and the benefits of each choice.

How cheap it is: This cup is only 30 baht (Upper right photo). Usually the price of smoothie buying from street stalls is around 25-40 baht depending on the fruit that you order. It can go up to 100 baht when buying in restaurants; more expensive and less option. Anyway, it is still considered cheap comparing to many other countries.

Have you ever tried fresh fruit smoothies in Bangkok? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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