Fruits you should try when you visit Thailand, Part1

If you read my blog from time to time, you may already know that I lived in Europe for 2 years. During that period, it was a good time for me to eat the fruits that were difficult to find in Thailand and also very expensive here. Cherry, strawberry, and Kiwi in Europe are my favorite fruits. Eating these fruits in Europe is cheaper and also more delicious than eating them in Thailand. But at the same time, I also missed tropical fruits that I could not find them there. So, I write this post in order to introduce the fruits that are worth trying when you are in Thailand or South east Southeast Asian countries. Hope this post is useful especially if you come from cold countries.


It is called Maphrao( มะพร้าว) in Thai. Coconut water is popular in tropical countries, and the meat is also eatable. It is a fruit that you could find it all year round. Many Thai dishes use coconut milk as an ingredient. And when I was away home, I had to use the UHT coconut milk. It was not bad, but the fresh one would be much better. You know, I had never seen coconut even once, when I was in Europe! And I missed it badly!! So, don’t forget to try it here.



It is called Ma Muang (มะม่วง) in Thai. Mango has 2 main types categorized by color. The first type is yellow mango or ripe mango and the second type is green mango or raw, unripe mango.


The yellow one is more popular than the green one. The most famous species is Nam Dok Mai. People usually have it in form of dessert. The yellow mango with sticky rice and coconut milk is probably the most well-known Thai dessert.

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Since I am not that into Thai dessert, I personally like the green one more and Keaw Savoy green mango is my favorite mango.


It is called Ngaw (เงาะ)in Thai. My Indonesian friend once said that it was original from her country and I immediately said no!! Rambutan is a common fruit in Southeast Asia. From my experience, Rambutan from the southern Thailand is more delicious than the one in Bangkok. So, if you go south, do not forget to give it a try.


source images:,Zambalesjf9268_05.JPG

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Have you ever tried these fruits? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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