Fruits you should try when you visit Thailand, Part2

This is the second part of the post. This part I will recommend you four more tropical fruits which I had never seen all of them when I lived in Europe. You can start reading the post from the beginning from here.


It is called Mang Khut (มังคุด) in Thai. Mangosteen is claimed as the queen of fruits. To eat it you need a knife to cut the purple shell (which is not edible). After removing the shell, you will see the white pulp which usually consists of 5-8 segments. The larger segments contain seeds. The taste of mangosteen is both sweet and sour. You can usually find mangosteen in the markets from May to June.



It is called Thu Rian (ทุเรียน) in Thai. Durian is claimed as the king of fruits. Many Thais love it, but I hate it! Look at the photo, I cannot believe that this is a fruit. I hate its shape (Before removing the shell, it is difficult to carry. After removing the shell, it looks like… I think you know what I am going to say. And because of its shape and its size, it is also difficult to remove the shell), its strong smell and also its taste (actually I tried only once and now I already forgot its taste!). Anyway, many people like it. So, if you can stand its smell, I recommend you to try. Do not worry about removing the shell, most vendors do it for you. The most popular specie is golden pillow (which is called Mon Thong by locals). You can usually find durian in the markets from May to June.


Custard Apple

It is called Noi Na (น้อยหน่า) in Thai. The green outermost shell of custard apple is broken easily and the fruit has many segments and seeds inside, so it is difficult to eat. But, the taste of the soft white meat is good and worth trying. You can usually find custard apple in the markets from June to August.


Rose Apple

It is called Chom Phu (ชมพู่) in Thai. The shape of this fruit is like a bell and the color ranges from pink to green. Because of its taste which is slightly sweet, rose apple is one of my favorite fruits. Sometimes people dip this fruit in the condiment (salt, sugar, and dried chilies mixed) before eating. The season of rose apple lasts from May to June.


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Have you ever tried these fruits? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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