Fruits you should try when you visit Thailand, Part3

This is the third part of the post. Same as the previous post, I will recommend you four more tropical fruits which I had never seen all of them when I lived in Europe. You can start reading the post from the beginning from here.


It is called Lin Chee(ลิ้นจี่)in Thai. To eat it you have to peel the red shell off. Then, you can eat the white pulp inside, but the seed inside the pulp is not edible. This fruit is easy to eat. Lychee is one of my favorite fruits; I do love its unique taste. I recommend you to try this fruit; it is usually available from April to May.



It is called Som Oh( ส้มโอ)in Thai. Comparing to other fruits, pomelo is quite big in size.  Because of its size and its thick shell, this fruit is one of the fruits that is difficult to peel the shell off, but, believe me, the pulp inside is worth the effort. Anyway, do not worry about peeling. If you do not want to peel the shell yourself, the vendors do it for you. I usually buy pomelo that vendors already remove the shell off from the markets and I recommend you to do so! The pomelo can be found from August to October.



It is called Fa Lang(ฝรั่ง)in Thai. The green peel and the white flesh inside are edible. Some people also eat the very little seeds in the core, while some people recommend not eating them. When we eat guava, we usually dip it in the condiment (salt, sugar, and dried chilies mixed) before eating. The guava can be found all year round.



It is called Kha Nhoon(ขนุน)in Thai. I told you in the beginning of the post that pomelo is big, but jackfruit is much bigger. It is even bigger than durian. So, of course, it is also difficult to remove the shell. And same as pomelo and durian, vendors do this job for you. The jackfruit can be found all year round.


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