Fruits you should try when you visit Thailand, Part4

This is the fourth part of the post. In this post, I will recommend you four more tropical fruits which I had never seen all of them when I lived in Europe.  You can start reading the post from the beginning from here.


It is called Lam Yai (ลำไย) in Thai. The shape of longan is like a small ball. You have to peel the brown shell off before eating and the seed inside is not edible. Longan is easy to eat and tastes sweet. I have heard that the taste of this fruit in northern Thailand is better than central Thailand. You usually found longan in the markets from May to July.



It iscalled Ma Kham (มะขาม) in Thai. You have to break the brown shell off before eating and the seed inside is not edible. Tamarind tastes sweet and sour. I like the one that is sweeter and less sour. Its juice is also used as an ingredient for some dishes.



It is also called Pitaya or Pitahaya in English and iscalled Kaew Mung Korn (แก้วมังกร) in Thai. For me, dragonfruit has a strange shape. When I saw this fruit at first sight, I could not believe that it is a fruit. The pink shell is not edible. You need a sharp knife to peel the shell off and eat the white pulp inside.



It is called Ma La Kor(มะละกอ) in Thai. Papaya is quite cheap in Thailand and it is the fruit that could be found in the markets all year round. You have to peel the orange or green shell and remove the seeds in the core before eating. It is not that difficult to do, but the ready-to-eat one is also available in the markets.


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Have you ever tried these fruits? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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