Gallery Coffee Drip… a coffee shop in an art gallery

Today I went a coffee shop in an art gallery. I’ve seen several reviews of this coffee shop in the internet. Seems like many people like this coffee shop. So, I decided to try a cup of coffee there.

This coffee shop was quite crowded when I was there. I saw many people both locals and tourists came to buy coffee. From what I read from the internet, the owners of this shop love taking photos and drinking coffee. They dreamed of owning a coffee shop. And their dreams came true!

GalleryCoffeeDrip01 GalleryCoffeeDrip02 GalleryCoffeeDrip03

And as you may know from the name of the shop, Gallery Coffee Drip only do drip filter coffee. We ordered iced drip mocha (75 Baht). It was not served in a cup but in a jug which is nice!


In the shop they not only sell coffee, but also sell handmade products.


We, at first, sat inside the coffee shop, but the shop was so small and we felt uncomfortable. So, we moved to sat outside. Well… it didn’t help much.

Impressed? Umm… I would say not much because the coffee was a little too weak for me. It was more like cocoa. Maybe I should have ordered the stronger one!

We spent less than half an hour in the coffee shop, and then we went to MBK center to have lunch.

Update: May, 2014

How to get there:  Gallery Coffee Drip is located on the 1st floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). The easiest way to go there is to get off the skytrain (BTS) at National Stadium station. Then, take exit 3. The BACC’s entrance is connected to the BTS.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays-Sundays, from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm

Have you ever been to Gallery Coffee Drip? Did you enjoy coffee there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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