Get to know Bangkok by Video

I stumbled upon to a video on YouTube from an uploader named ‘phrakanong’. The video is about Bangkok. It shows people’s daily lives and it is what you can expect to see when visiting Bangkok.

Then, I searched the video that upload by him (‘phrakanong’ is the name of the district in Bangkok. The uploader name does not give any clue, so I just guess that the uploader is a guy.). I found out that he uploaded many nice videos about Bangkok. He captured the sights and sounds of not just the attractive areas in Bangkok.

Watch his videos. If you have never visited Bangkok before, I think his video is one of the best ways for you to get to know Bangkok before visiting. If you have been here, it is going to make you miss Bangkok and want to come back.

Besides, he also made great videos about other provinces in Thailand, and also other Asian countries.

Here is some example of his videos about Bangkok.

If you like it, you can see all his videos here.

Do not be surprised, if you see many people smile to a camera when they realize they are on video. This is why Thailand is called the land of smiles!

Have you watched the videos? Do you like them? Share your thoughts with me in the comment!

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