Get to know Chatuchak Weekend Market by Video

Bangkok has many markets around the town. You can have great shopping experience in almost every area in Bangkok. But, Chatuchak Weekend Market is the most popular. If you ask Thai for the best shopping market in Bangkok, I am sure that this market will be included in the list.


Chatuchak Weekend Market or J.J. Market is the biggest outdoor market in Thailand. You will find almost everything you want here. Things are cheap and you can bargain. There are 15,000 stalls in this market. Believe it or not, shopping in this market you need a map! I have write a review of this market telling you about the tips, how to get to the market, and opening hours here.

The day before, I stumbled upon a short video on Chatuchak Weekend Market by Tenface, a boutique hotel in Bangkok. I admit that at first I watched this video because of the presenter, Yarinda Bunnag. If you are a fan of Thai movie, you might know her. Yes, she is an actress. But after watching this video, I think this video is useful. It is informative and gives you an idea of how this popular market looks like. The video was uploaded 4 years ago, but the market is still the same! So, I decided to share it with you guys. I hope you like it!

Other short videos on other interesting places in Bangkok from Tenface could be found here.

Have you watched the video? Have you ever been to Chatuchak Weekend Market? Do you like this market? Share your thoughts with me in the comment!

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