Get to know Yaowarat Road or Bangkok’s Chinatown by Video

Yaowarat Road (or Bangkok’s Chinatown) is one of the main business roads in Bangkok. It is a place of Thai-Chinese community. Yaowarat Road is busy both during the day and at night. During the day, you can expect to see Chinese style market. It is a place where you can buy good foods and variety kinds of products in cheap prices such as souvenirs, stationery, shoes, bags, accessories, garments, and so on. Besides, it is a center of gold trade. You will see several gold shops with Chinese written sign on this road. At night, it becomes a great place for street foods not only for tourist but also local.


Below is a great video from TenFace, a boutique hotel in Bangkok, that shows you how Bangkok’s Chinatown looks like. From the video, you will learn the history of Yaowarat Road. The video covers the markets, the Chinese temples, and also gold shops in this area. I think this is an informative and well-presented video. If you have never been to Yaowarat before and you also are not sure whether it is worth a visit, I think this video can give you an answer. Enjoy watching!

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Have you watched the video? Have you ever been to Yaowarat? Do you like this busy road? Share your thoughts with me in the comment!

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