Gloria jean’s coffees… I like its breakfast set

Gloria jean’s coffees is a coffee house chain founded in USA and Australia which has branches around the world, and it came into Thailand some years ago.

My friend and I went to this coffee shop at K Village branch. Maybe because it is not situated in the big shopping mall, this shop is not too crowded, which is great!


Gloria jean’s coffees offers a range of coffee drinks, bakery, and breakfast set. We ordered chocolate smoothie (160 baht), iced mocha (135 baht), and a set of breakfast (145 baht). Staff asked us whether we wanted whipped cream and told us that it is free! If you are a whipped cream, you might consider this coffee shop. Then, while we started eating and drinking at our table, staff came to give us two small pieces of croissant.


About the atmosphere, the shop has nice and cozy atmosphere. Some people coming to this coffee shop with a laptop or a book. Free Wi-fi internet is available. It is great for relaxing about an hour or two.

About the taste, the breakfast set and croissant were great especially the sausages, but the drinks were not so great. Surprisingly, we were impressed the food more than the drinks in the coffee shops!

About the price, More than 100 baht for a cup of coffee and also a set of breakfast. The price of coffee is about the same as Starbucks which is considered expensive in Thailand.

About the branch, Gloria jean’s coffees does not have so many branches like Starbucks. I do not see this coffee house chain in the shopping malls. As I know, they have branches at K Village and Maleenont Tower (Channel 3 Tower).

Have you ever tried coffee from Gloria jean’s coffees? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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