Great Ocean Road… the most beautiful road I have seen so far

I lived in Australia for 3 months with work and holiday visa. While I was there, I have been to three cities: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. I spent only one week in Melbourne before going back to Bangkok. Among these three cities, I liked Melbourne most and I regretted that I spent less time in this city.

While I was in Melbourne, I lived with my friend. Actually she is my cousin’s friend. The best day in Melbourne was the day that my friend and I went to great ocean road, road along the coast of Australia. My friend took a day off from her work and we went there together. We bought day tour tickets from a company that sold tickets in the half price; its office was in Melbourne city. Sorry, I could not remember the name of the company…HalfTix or Half something…

The bus was clean and comfortable and the view was awesome. The driver stopped the bus at scenic points along the way.


I was impressed with not only the spectacular view, but also the driver. Yes, the driver. At first I thought he just drove the bus, but when we were moving out of the Melbourne city, he started explaining things around as a guide and at the scenic point he served us cookies and tea. All of this, he did it alone. Wow! How could he manage to do many things alone!

 GreatOceanRoad02GreatOceanRoad04 GreatOceanRoad03

We had two options when we bought tickets: with lunch or without lunch. We chose with lunch, so we did not have to prepare food.


After lunch, finally we reached Twelve Apostles! But it started rain!!! The weather was sooo good in the morning, but why?!?!


Well, we did not care the rain and kept walking to the scenic point. It was a stunning view! Even if I have seen tons of photos of Twelve Apostles, it was so much better seeing them in the flesh!!!


The rain kept falling harder and harder, but the bus still stopped at the important points: “The Wreck” and “London Bridge”. So, we still did not care the rain much; we got off from the bus every stop.


All in all, we had a great time there, even if the weather was not so good. I do recommend you to go there when you visit Melbourne.

Have you ever been to Great Ocean Road? Or have you ever been to Melbourne? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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