Green Tourism… an application for a green traveler

Are you a green traveler? Are you interested in traveling to a new place and at the same time make only a positive impact on the environment to that place?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launched the application named ‘Green Tourism’ which offers visitors information about green destinations, green accommodations, and green concept. The application is available on iOS and Android for free of charge.

GoGreen01 GoGreen02

The application was launched for a while, but I have just downloaded it and played around. It is available in English language only (It seems like no Thai language available. I cannot find a way to change the language). There are 5 main sections: green destinations, green hotels & resorts, about, bookmark, and contact us.

In both ‘green destinations’ section and ‘green hotels & resorts’ section, the information is grouped in 4 regions: central, north, north east, and south. They have provided several natural places, vineyard, villages that are worth visiting. In ‘about’ section, the 7 greens concept is provided. And you can bookmark your favorite destinations and hotels & resorts into ‘bookmark’ section.

If you are about to visit Thailand and want to visit natural places in this country, you can use this application to help you research the green destinations.

Enjoy traveling Thailand!

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