Having a walk in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. The country that when I heard its name, I always think of idyllic windmill and tulip. It is one of my dream destinations; I always wanted to visit this country since I was young.

My childhood dream came true. I went to Amsterdam in March 2012. After staying there for few days, I cannot say that I like this city, and also cannot say that I do not like it.

When I first walked around its city, I could see that the city was not clean like I had expected; I do not like the smell of marijuana that hit me while walking on streets. I have not seen or smoked it before, but I was sure the smell that straight to my face was from marijuana. Also, I do not like the red light district area.

But, I do like the views of the bicycles and leaning houses along the canal. If you look at the map, you would see that Amsterdam is like a spider web of canals and bridges. The bicycles are everywhere, and this city has bike paths. (I wish one day Bangkok will have something like this!)

 Amsterdam01 Amsterdam02 Amsterdam03

The houses in Amsterdam are charming and unique. I noticed that the houses are leaning and many of them are narrow.

Amsterdam04 Amsterdam05

I have heard that the houses’ owners used to be taxed on the frontage of the houses (the width of the building), so people tended to build narrow, long, and tall houses. The narrowest house in Amsterdam is one metre wide and is located at Singel 7.


Another spot that I like is ‘I amsterdam’ sign at the Museumplein square. This area is a nice place to sit and relax both during the day and at night. Having photos with this sign is a must! Amsterdam07

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Do you like the bicycles, the houses, and the canals around? Have you taken photos with the sign? Share your experiences with me in the comment!


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