Heineken experience… My first time at brewery museum

Heineken Experience is one of the main attractions in Amsterdam. It is a brewery museum where you can learn things about Heineken such as the process to make Heineken beer and how the Heineken business started.

Actually there are many museums in Amsterdam. With time limited, I chose to visit Heineken experience and Anne Frank House which were recommended from my friends.

We arrived Heineken experience in the afternoon. I paid for the admission and got a ticket and Heineken rubber wristband with two pop-out tokens. The tokens were for a couple of beer at the end of the tour. Heineken01

We were welcomed by the history of Heineken beer. Heineken02 Heineken03 Heineken04

Then, the next room there was a staff showing us the beer’s ingredients and the process to brew their beer. Heineken05

Then, the next room was about the old brewery. Heineken06

What I did not expect to see in this museum was the horse stables. Heineken07

Then, the next part was the “Heineken Brewing Experience” 4D ride. And then, it was time to hand the tokens to exchange for the free beer. The staff showed us how to pour the beer into the glass. Heineken08

And the next part was about the Heineken bottles like cleaning, filling, sealing, and labeling them. The rest of the tour was about the brand store and souvenirs. Heineken09

For me, this is not a must-see in Amsterdam. The tour lasted one hour and a half and the ticket price was not cheap (Sorry, I do not remember the ticket price). Well, I have to tell you first that this is the only beer museum I have been so far and I am not a beer lover. It is worth a visit if you have extra time or you are a beer lover.

Have you ever been to Heineken Experience in Amsterdam? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comment!

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