Hormones… a Thai TV series about Thai teenagers

Hormones is a Thai TV series about lives and relationships of Thai students. The series became popular very fast, even if it is not available on free TV. Many Thai watch it because it is completely different from other Thai soap operas.

Instead of having either black or white characters in the series like other Thai shows, all the characters in this series are grey. Everyone can do wrong. Besides, Hormones the series covers several controversial subjects (that many Thai adults try not to perceive them) such as sex at school, teenage pregnancy, and homosexuality. Some said that this series is so much similar to Skins, the popular UK series. I have no comment on this because I have never watched that series before.

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The show is produced by GTH and Nadao Bangkok. If you are a GTH movie fan, you might like this series. Currently the series has two seasons, and each season has 13 episodes. The next season will come next year (2015).

Here is the official trailer of the season 1.

All episodes in the first season could be found on YouTube (OneHD channel). Below link is the season 1, episode 1.

Unfortunately, there is no English subtitle available from GTH! Well, I have seen some people putting the English subtitle and uploading the series to YouTube. But, I do not know how long it will be there!

The second season is not available in YouTube yet. I mean even the non-subtitle version. People have to either watch it through AIS Mobile Application or buy DVDs.

Have you ever heard of this TV series? Have you ever watched it? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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