How cheap the food at food court at Terminal21 is

Last Sunday I went to Terminal21 and had lunch at its food court. I had recommended you that the food court at Terminal21 is very cheap. Today I just want to show you how cheap the food there is.

On that day the food court was packed (as always!) with people both locals and tourists. Since I was there alone, I decided to buy the food first and then walked around to find the seat.


Let’s see the prices. The noodle dishes cost only 30-45 baht.


The rice dishes also cost only 30-45 baht. Green curry fried rice chicken and red curry pork looked so good!


Another stall sells noodle dishes at 35-55 baht.


The dishes of rice with Nam Prik or chilli paste costs only 28 baht!

Terminal26 Terminal27

Thai style salad such as papaya salad, sweet corn salad, and prawn with kale salad cost 30, 35, and 45 baht respectively.


Spicy fried chicken salad, Grilled pork tossed salad, deep fried chicken thigh costs 40, 40, and 30 baht respectively.


For the drink, smoothies are only 25 to 30 baht. The drinking water is around 10 baht.


The desserts such as mango with sticky rice and durian with sticky rice can be found at 30-35 baht.


You can also find grilled fish balls here.


See? The food is incredibly cheap. Many dishes are cheaper than eating at street food stalls. It is a great place to try Thai food for tourist because this food court mainly sells Thai food and has a menu in English language. Well, since it is cheap, many local also eats here and the seat is difficult to find during peak hours. I believe this is the most crowded food court in Bangkok. If you want to eat at this food court, I recommend you to avoid these hours.

Enjoy Eating!


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