How much does a meal cost in Bangkok?

Cost for a meal in Bangkok varies from less than 50 baht to more than 1,000 baht. It depends on where you eat and what you eat. In this post, I will share you a meal cost in Bangkok at 4 different places. All photos are taken in 2018 and 2019.

Street Food

Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink that is sold by vendor in a street, at a market, or a fair. In Bangkok, street food offers variety, delicious, and cheap meals. Street food stalls can be found easily in Bangkok and I recommend you to try it at least once while visiting Bangkok. As a local, I usually eat street food and there are stalls that I buy regularly. For a visitor, you have to try to find the ones you like. You might be worried about getting sick from street food. I am worried too, so I generally choose the stalls that look clean.

For the price, as you can see from the photos below, it costs 40 to 50 baht for a single dish meal. For a bottle of drinking water, it is about 10 baht. (Sorry that the menu is available in Thai language only. For the stalls located in the tourist areas, usually the menu is available in both English and Thai)

In the news there are cases that locals eat street food and it costs more than 1,000 baht. I do not know the detail, but I think the sellers sell over the price level. So, be careful about this. You have to ensure that you know the price of the food before ordering. By law, the seller must provide the price clearly at the stalls.

Food Court

Food court in shopping malls is a place that offers Thai food. The food in food court is not different from street food, but the price might be a bit more expensive. Let’s say about 5 to 20 baht. The good point of eating at food court is the menu are provided in English. Some stalls even provide menu in Chinese language (now there are more and more Chinese tourists in Bangkok). Besides, food court has air conditioning which is considered necessary because Bangkok is really really hot all year long. The temperature here is always more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Below is the price of a single dish meal in food court in Bangkok. I take these photos at Tesco Lotus.

Well, please bear in mind that this is the price of food at common food court. The food at food court at luxury malls such as Siam Paragon, The Emporium, The Emquartier is MORE expensive.

Fast Food

Fast food is more expensive than street food and food court. Most of them are more than 100 baht. Only some small sets that the price are less than 100 baht.

Below is the price from KFC, Chester’s Grill, and McDonald’s. 


For the restaurant, the cost for a meal varies. It depends on the food, and also what you order. From my experience, it costs at least 150 baht including beverage. Average cost is about 200-400 baht for a meal per person.

For example, if you eat Som Tam (popular Thai style salad) in a restaurant like tummour Restaurant, it will cost about 150-200 baht.

If you eat Thai food at White Flower Factory Restaurant, it will cost about 300-500 baht.

Well, I love both restaurants. The food and service are great. I do recommend.


Usually hotels offer buffets for lunch, brunch and dinner. For the price, it costs about 500 baht for a meal and could up to more than 1,000 baht depending on the food. International food and seafood buffets generally more expensive.

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