How much is a cup of coffee in Bangkok?

How much is a cup of coffee in Bangkok? The answers to this question vary. It could be from 25 baht to 180 baht depending on what you order and also where you order the coffee. As you may know, hot coffee is usually cheaper than iced coffee and iced coffee is usually cheaper than frappe.

If you buy a cup of coffee in Starbucks, Coffee World, Verasu, or Au Bon Pain, it would be more than 100 baht for a small cup of coffee. The price of a cup of coffee in Starbucks in Bangkok is about the same as Starbucks in other countries and hot drinks prices are same as cold drinks prices. Well, in Bangkok they offer promotion and discount quite often. Below is Starbucks’ prices and Au Bon Pain’s prices respectively. 

If you buy from Amazon or Black Canyon, the prices would be cheaper. It costs about 50-60 baht for a cup of coffee. Personally I like Black Canyon more, because the taste and standard at each Amazon’s branch are different. Some are good, while some are not good. However, Amazon can be found easier. You will see it in PTT gas service stations and the shopping malls. Below is Amazon’s prices

If you buy from coffee stalls, it could be either a bit cheaper or much cheaper. These coffee stalls are everywhere in Bangkok. I could find at least 5 coffee stalls that are in a walking distance from my place. For the taste, I would say it depends on the stalls and also your preference. You have to give it a try. For me, I usually try all stalls near my office in order to choose the one I like most.

For some stalls, it costs about 40-50 baht for a cup of coffee. 

Well, for some stalls, it costs only 20 baht for hot drinks, 25 baht for small cold drinks and 35 baht for big ones. 

In short, there is a big range for the price of a cup of coffee in Bangkok. You have several options and sometimes the cheap one is not just “not bad”. It is rather good.


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