How Thai eat instant noodles

Instant noodles are not healthy, but many Thai still eat them. It is not only cheap, but also easy-to-cook. For Thai, instant noodles can be an easy dish at home, and also can be a good-looking dish in restaurant. We have several ways to eat instant noodles. Here are examples.

1. Boil: as you may know, the typical way to cook instant noodles is just put the noodles in the bowl, add the seasoning coming with the noodles, and add the boiling water. In Thai version, we sometimes add meat, egg, and vegetable into the instant noodles to make it healthier.

2. Eat it as a snack: we sometimes do not cook them. Just open the packet, crush the instant noodles, put seasoning (as much as you want, but not all of them. It is salty), and shake. The noodles and seasoning will be mixed together. Then eat! This is maybe the most unhealthy way to eat instant noodles, but frankly, it is my favorite way to eat instant noodles when I was young!

3. Stir fry: this is another way of cooking instant noodles. It is one of the popular dishes. You can find it at street food stalls, and also in restaurants in Bangkok and other places in Thailand.

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4. Salad: the noodle will be cooked and then mixed with meat and vegetable as a Thai style salad. Same as the stir-fried instant noodle, instant noodle salad is also a popular dish in Thailand, and you can find them both at streets and in restaurants.

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