How to get from Platinum/ Pratunam to Terminal21

The Platinum Fashion Mall is an indoor shopping mall that is well-known for cheap fashion clothing and accessories, while Pratunam Market is an outdoor market which is also famous for the same products. These two places are located in the same area on Petchburi Road, Pratunam District.

ThePlatinumFashionMall01 ThePlatinumFashionMall03Pratunam02Pratunam04

Terminal21 is a big indoor shopping complex located near Asok Intersection. This shopping mall is well-known for its decoration and each floor has its own theme.

Terminal05 Terminal09 Terminal10

In this post I will share you how to travel from The Platinum Fashion Mall/ Pratunam Market to Terminal21.

What you should know is Terminal21 connects with both BTS Skytrain (Asok Station) and MRT Subway (Sukhumvit Station), while Platinum/ Pratunam do not connect with any rapid transportation system. So, here is my recommendation to travel between these two places.


This is the easiest option. The distance between Platinum/ Pratunam and Asok is about 5-6 kilometers. It should take around half an hour and should cost around 60 baht, if the traffic is not really bad. If you come in group of two or three people, this option is highly recommended. However, if you choose this option, try to avoid peak hours. So, you will not get caught in the traffic chaos.


The bus number 511 running from Platinum/ Pratunam to Terminal21 and also from Terminal21 to Platinum/ Pratunam. However, I do not recommend this option, if you do not know Thai language. The bus drivers and ticket collectors usually do not speak English, and many times the bus runs on express way and does not pass the mall.

BTS + Taxi or BTS + Foot

From Platinam/ Pratunam to Asok, you can either walk or take taxit to BTS Chidlom Station and take BTS Skytrain to Asok Station. Taxi is not recommended during peak hours, while walking is not recommended on a hot day. So, just choose one based on the situation!

Update: May 2017 Lucky us, recently we have a new skywalk connecting between Chidlom BTS Station and Platinum Mall. If you want to walk from Platinum to BTS Chidlom, you can follow my review here in an opposite direction.


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