How to get from Platinum/Pratunam to Asiatique

The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market are great shopping places in Pratunam district. Many locals and tourists go there in order to get cheap clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Pratunam04 Pratunam03

Asiatique The Riverfront is a great place to chill out in the evening and have dinner. It is located on the Chao Phraya River bank, so you will of course see a nice view.


If you are a visitor who plans to go shopping at Platinum or Pratunam first and then go to Asiatique to have dinner, you have come to the right place. In this post I am going to share you how to get from The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market to Asiatique.

First of all, you should know that Platinum, Pratunam, and Asiatique are not connected with any rapid transportation system such as BTS Skytrain or MRT Subway. So, it is not that convenient to travel between these two places. Here is my recommendation.

Update: May 2017 Recently we have a new skywalk connecting between Chidlom BTS Station and Platinum Mall. So it is more convenient to commute between these two places. Here are the options.


Taxi is the easiest option to get you to any places in Bangkok. You can take taxi from Platinum/ Pratunam to Asiatique. The distance between these two places is about 8-10 kilometers and you can expect to pay the fare around 100 baht or more excluding toll.

Foot + BTS + Chao Phraya Express Boat

The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market are not connected to BTS Skytrain, so in order to take the BTS Skytrain you have to walk to the station first. The nearest
BTS stations to Platinum/ Pratunam are Chidlom Station or Ratchathewi Station. To go to either station, it requires around 15 minute walk.

Update: May 2017 Walk to Chidlom Station by skywalk ( I have written a post about this new skywalk here. The post tells you how to walk from Chidlom to Platinum. You might read this guide and walk in an opposite direction). Then you have to take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station which connects with Sathorn Pier. At the pier, Asiatique’s service boat is available for free from 16.00-23.30.

In this case, if you come in group of 3 or 4, taking Taxi might be cheaper than taking BTS Skytrain.

Enjoy traveling!

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