How to get from Platinum/Pratunam to Chocolate Ville

The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market are famous shopping places for cheap clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and so on. Many visitors choose to stay in this area in order to do a lot of shopping during their visits.

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Chocolate Ville is a theme park restaurant. It is a great place to have dinner especially for visitors who love taking photograph.

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In this post I will share you how to travel from The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market to Chocolate Ville.

The shopping places are located in Pratunam District, while Chocolate Ville is located in Bueng Kum District which is a little bit far from the city center and not close to any rapid transportation system. My recommendation is to take a taxi. It should take around 30-45 minutes to reach the destination and the taxi fare is about 200-400 baht depending on the traffic condition and distance. And do not worry about going back to the city center. The restaurant provides a taxi calling service for free.

Enjoy traveling!


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