How to get from Platinum/Pratunam to Erawan Shrine

The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market are the popular shopping places in Pratunam District, Bangkok. Both of them are well-known for cheap fashion items such as clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

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Erawan shrine or Than Toa Mahaprom is a popular shrine in Bangkok. This place is always crowded with not only locals, but also tourists.


In this post I will share you how to travel from The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market to Erawan Shrine. Firstly, you should know that Platinum/Pratunam is located near Pratunam Intersection, while Erawan Shrine is located at the corner of the Ratchaprasong Intersection. And these two intersections are next two each other.

I do not recommend you to take a taxi because the traffic always jams in this area. There is more chance that you will reach the destination faster by foot. The distance from The Platinum Fashion Mall to Erawan Shrine is about 850 meters which requires about 12-minute walk. However, please bear in mind that the walking path is not so good and you have to cross the street as well.

For the steps, first of all from The Platinum Fashion Mall, you have to walk to Pratunam Intersection. Then, Turn right and walk on Ratchadamri Road. You will see Central World Shopping Complex on your left hand side and Ratchaprasong Intersection in front of you. Erawan shrine is diagonally opposite to Central World.

Update: May 2017 Recently we have a new skywalk connecting between Chidlom BTS Station and Platinum Mall. So it is very convenient to walk from The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market to Erawan Shrine. I have written about this new skywalk here. You might read this guide and walk in an opposite direction. 


Hope the information helps.

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