How to get from Platinum/Pratunam to Siam Square

Bangkok offers several shopping markets and malls. The Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Market, and Siam Square are popular shopping places in Bangkok.

The Platinum Fashion Mall is an indoor shopping place where you can buy cheap fashion clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.


Pratunam Market is an outdoor market selling similar products as The Platinum Fashion Mall. Many sellers go to this market to get cheap products and then resell them.


Siam Square is a meeting place for Thai teenagers and young adults. You can expect to find trendy products there.


The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market are in the same district (Pratunam District), while Siam Square is located in Pratumwan District. If you intend to do a lot of shopping in Bangkok, you might want to go to all these 3 markets. In this post I will share you how to travel from The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market to Siam Square.

What you should know is Siam Square connects with BTS Skytrain, while Platinum/ Pratunam do not connect with BTS Skytrain or any rapid transportation system.

Update: May 2017 However, recently we have a new skywalk connecting between Chidlom BTS Station and Platinum Mall. So, now it is more convenient to walk to BTS Skytrain.

Here is my recommendation to travel between The Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratunam Market and Siam Square.


Taxi is the easiest option, but is not recommended during peak hours. The distance between Platinum/ Pratunam and Siam Square is about 1-2 kilometers. It should take less than half an hour and should cost less than 50 baht, but you have more chance to get caught in the traffic chaos.


These two places are not that close to each other, but it is possible to walk. Usually I will take a walk from Platinum/ Pratunam to Central World first. You have to walk to Pratunam Junction and then walk on Ratchadamri Road to Central World.

Update: May 2017 You can walk on a new skywalk (Bangkok Skyline) from Platinum Mall to Central World. I have written a post about this new skywalk here. The post tells you how to walk from Chidlom to Platinum. You can use it as a guideline.

Then, you will see a big skywalk (Ratchaprasong Skywalk) that leads you to Siam BTS Station and shopping malls around including Siam Square. Actually you can walk on the street to Siam Square, but walking on the skywalk is better.

Enjoy traveling!


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