How to get from Siam Square to Chatuchak Market

Siam Square is a popular meeting place for Thai teenagers ever. This area is always full with people going there to meet, eat, and shop. It is also one of the best areas to stay for tourists because it connects to BTS Skytrain which allow visitors to explore other areas in Bangkok easily.


Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the most attractive places in Bangkok. It offers tourists a unique shopping experience. You will find about 15,000 stalls selling almost everything you want such as clothing, shoes, furniture, handbags, plant, books, artworks, and also second-hand products. Please bear in mind that it is a weekend market. Some stalls are open on weekdays, but to gain a wonderful experience you must go on weekends.

Chatuchak01 Chatuchak06 Chatuchak11

In this post, I will share you how to get from Siam Square to Chatuchak Market. Since both Siam Square and Chatuchak Market connect with BTS Skytrain, it is very easy to travel between these two places. You just take BTS Skytrain from Siam Station to Mochit Station. Then, take a short walk to the market. Don’t be afraid of getting lost. There are always many people walking to the market from the BTS Skytrain.

Enjoy traveling!


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