How to get to Siam Square One from BTS

Siam Square One is a shopping mall in Siam Square area. It is a great place for eating and hanging Out. I have reviewed it years before here. At that time, I do not like this mall much, but later I found out that I go there more often because there are many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Siam Square One connects with BTS Skytrain at Siam Station. So, it should be easy to get to this mall. Well, Siam Station is an interchange station. So, if you are a first time traveler or relatively new to this city, you might be a little bit confused. Here is my recommendation.

After getting off from the skytrain, just look for the big signs which were hanged over the escalators. The signs tell us that to get to Siam Square One, you have to take Exit 4. So, find the Exit 4. To save time, you might ask the officers around to make sure that you do not take the wrong one.

After taking Exit 4, Siam Square One is just a few steps away.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!

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