I am an introvert

Recently, I have admitted that I am an introvert. I am the one who love being alone. It does not mean I do not like spending time with others, but I just select people whomI would spend time with. And I am not shy, anti-social or depressed. I just do not like crowds, and do not like networking events.

But I always feel that in this big world, there is no place for people like me. Since I was in high school, I always was encouraged to participate in activities, and to be outgoing with friends. When I worked in companies, I was always told to network, to make connections, and to get to know more people because all these things are beneficial to my career.

I always have doubts about this. Many times I forced myself to socialize and to be more extrovert. I could do extrovert things, but only for a while. And, then it took me several days to replenish myself.

The more I grow up, the more I know myself. Later, I try to avoid this kind of situation because I am tired.

Few days ago, I listened to “The power of introverts”, the TED talk that made me feel like being an introvert was not bad at all, being quiet was also not strange, and I would not feel bad about myself anymore. We all are different, and we should accept each other. Susan Cain explained what introversion is, and pointed out that we need a balance between introverts and extroverts. It is an enlightening talk and I am so much related to her talk.

It is a talk that introverts should listen, so they would know that it was OK to be an introvert. And, extroverts also should listen to it too, so they would understand introverts more. The world needs both of us.

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