I want to explore South Korea more

Back to September 2010, I bought the tour package to Korea and China. It was the first time that I travelled with the travel company. Usually I love to travel by myself, but at that time I needed a break from my work and I was lazy to prepare anything. I couldn’t remember the exact reason why my friend and I chose this package. It could be because this package gave us 2 countries with reasonable price. With this trip I’ve visited several tourist attractions.Let’s see where I’ve been in Korea.

Everland Theme Park

Everland was like other theme parks that everything looked so cute, but it didn’t make me amazed much. I was thinking that maybe I was too old for the place like this. But I knew I was wrong after I rode the T Express!

T Express is a long wooden roller coaster with many drops in 3-minute-ride. We waited for an hour in the long queue, but it was worth it! I do recommend you to try, if you go there.

Korea01 Korea02 Korea03 Korea04

Hwaseong Fortress

Hwaseong Fortess is one of the historic sites of Suwon, South Korea. I think it would take a day for me to walk and explore this site, but since I came with the group I couldn’t spend much time there.


Teddy Bear Museum

The bears were so cute! At this museum, the teddy bears were used to represent Korea’s history and way of life. It was an extraordinary way to educate people. Love it! Love it!


The N Seoul tower

You can see the whole city here. Tourists loved buying locks. Then, wrote their names and their lovers’ names on them, attached the locks to the trees or the fence, and threw away the keys. It was to symbolize the eternal love.

The tour leaders managed to bring us to the tower during the day, but I guess it would be better to see sunset and see the lights at night here. If I go back to Korea, maybe I will visit it early evening.

 Korea07 Korea08

National Folk Museum of Korea

When I was there, there was a special exhibition called “World dolls’ Party” displaying the dolls in costumes from around the world… including Thailand! But again, we didn’t spend much time here.


Gyeongbokgung Palace

It was beautiful and I loved the architecture here. I also impressed with how they maintain the palace. If you observe the roof carefully, you will see the net. Someone told me that it was to keep birds from building nests. For me, this is a must-see place, if you visit Korea especially if you are a fan of palaces.

 Korea10 Korea11

Myeongdong Shopping Street

Shopping!!! It is the activity that must be included in every trip for Thais. Myeongdong is the main shopping market in Seoul. There were many shops and restaurants around. Skin food and Etude are the popular Korea cosmetic brands for Thais. So, I bought some cosmetics for myself and my friends.


Korean foods

When we visit any country, we must try its food. Kimchi that I ate in Korea was much better than kimchi in Korean restaurants in Bangkok. My favorite dish was samgyetang, a soup with chicken and Korean ginseng. With this trip, I’ve tried many Korean foods, but still want to go back and try more!

 Korea13 Korea14 Korea15

All in all, I was happy with the trip. But I felt like there were more to see in Korea. I haven’t been to the Jeju island and Namiseom Island yet. (I knew these two islands from Korean drama series which are very popular in Thailand and makes Korea as a dream destination for Thais) So, I want to go back and explore Korea more!

Have you ever been to Korea? Do you have any must-go places to recommend me? Share them with me in the comment!


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