I want to travel the world

Yes, I want to travel the world. I want to see the world through my little eyes as much as I can. But, it is not easy. The world is so big and travel needs both time and money.


Someone said

“when we have money, we don’t have time and when we have time, we don’t have money.”

And it’s so true to me.

I didn’t travel much when I was a student. At that time I had time, but I didn’t have money. And I tried to travel as much as I can when I started working. As you may know, working as an employee in Thailand, we usually get only 10 to 15, or at most 20, annual leave days per year. So, I had money, but it didn’t allow me to travel much or travel for a long time. Well, I managed myself to travel during weekends or when we had long holiday (public holidays + weekends).

And Luckily last 3 years I got a scholarship to study in Europe for two years. It was a great opportunity to travel Europe; I’ve been to many countries during those two years because i had both time and money (not so much, but enough to explore Europe).

Table below shows you where I’ve been. See how I managed myself to travel the world with limited time and money. Well… there is still so much to see!

Destination Arrival
Hong Kong December, 2016
Vientiane, Laos October, 2015
Kalmar, Sweden September, 2013
Copenhagen, Denmark July, 2013
Berlin, Germany July, 2013
Vilnius, Lithuania July, 2013
Riga, Latvia July, 2013
Tallinn, Estonia July, 2013
Stockholm, Sweden July, 2013
Växjo, Sweden May, 2013
Karlshamn, Sweden July, 2013
Ronneby, Sweden September, 2012
Karlskrona, Sweden August, 2012
Lake Carezza – South Tyrol, Italy August, 2012
San Marino August, 2012
Rimini, Italy  August, 2012
Ravenna, Italy August, 2012
Bologna, Italy August, 2012
Vatican City, Italy August, 2012
Rome, Italy  August, 2012
Trento, Italy July, 2012
Venice, Italy July, 2012
Munich, Germany July, 2012
Florence, Italy June, 2012
Siena, Italy June, 2012
Pisa, Italy June, 2012
Cinque Terre, Italy June, 2012
Genova, Italy June, 2012
Lake Como – Milan, Italy June, 2012
Milan, Italy June, 2012
Lake Caldaro – Kaltern, Italy April, 2012
Luxembourg March, 2012
Amsterdam, the Netherlands March, 2012
Brugge, Belgium March, 2012
Gent, Belgium  March, 2012
Brussels, Belgium March, 2012
Monaco December, 2011
Nice, France December, 2011
Eze, France December, 2011
Cannes, France  December, 2011
Marseille, France  December, 2011
Merano, Italy December, 2011
Innsbruck, Austria  December, 2011
Venice, Italy October, 2011
Verona, Italy October, 2011
Bolzano, Italy September, 2011
Kaikoura, New Zealand August, 2011
Queenstown, New Zealand August, 2011
Te Anau, New Zealand August, 2011
Arrowtown, New Zealand August, 2011
Wanaka, New Zealand August, 2011
Hokitika, New Zealand August, 2011
Springfield, New Zealand August, 2011
Chang Island – Trat, Thailand  February, 2011
Taiwan December, 2010
Chiangkan – Loei, Thailand October, 2010
Suphanburi, Thailand February, 2010
Doi Mon Jong – Chiang Mai, Thailand  December, 2009
Saraburi, Thailand November, 2009
Singapore October, 2009
Beijing, China October, 2009
South Korea September, 2009
Pha Taem National Park, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand September, 2009
Phu Soi Dao National park, Uttaradit-Pittsanulok, Thailand August, 2009
Sai Yok – Kanjanaburi, Thailand July, 2009
Nang Yuan Island, Tao Island – Suratthani, Thailand April, 2009
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March, 2009
Melbourne, Australia September, 2008
Sydney, Australia  August, September, 2008
Brisbane, Australia June, July, August, 2008
Pran Buri – Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand  March, 2008
Kanjanaburi, Thailand August, 2007
Khao sok – Suratthani, Thailand  April 2007
Kood island – trat, Thailand October, 2006
Hua Hin – Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand September, 2006
Si Chang Island – Chonburi, Thailand September, 2006
Tarutao Island – Satun, Thailand  February, 2006
Chang Island – Trat, Thailand January, 2006
Samui Island, Nang Yuan Island, Tao Island – Suratthani, Thailand July, 2005
Singapore June, 2005
Sai Yok – Kanjanaburi, Thailand June, 2005
Chiangmai, Thailand January, 2005
Ratchaburi, Thailand November, 2003



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