IKEA Mega Bangna… buy Swedish furniture in Bangkok

As you may know, IKEA is a home furniture company that was founded in Sweden. I visited IKEA in Sweden once (in Kalmar, a city in the south-east of Sweden), when I lived there.

The day before yesterday I went shopping at IKEA Mega Bangna. This branch looks smaller than the one I visited in Kalmar (it is still big), but there were more crowded.


Things were put in the same style. Same as in Sweden, when you first stepped into the store, you will see IKEA bags, measure tapes, shopping lists, and pencils.


The entrance door is at the second floor. When you walk inside, you will see things are put in the rooms such as living room, dining room, kitchen room to show the products.


Some people sat in the rooms here like they were sitting in the rooms in their houses. They were reading the book, playing with their mobile phone, and chatting with friends.


The price tags are in 3 languages: Swedish, Thai, and English.


If you walk down to the first floor, you will see stuffs showing by category.


Many products reminded me my old days in Sweden.


Like the branch in Sweden, IKEA has its own restaurant & café. I did not have a big meal there, just ordered the popular Swedish meatball to try.


For me, IKEA products are considered inexpensive in Sweden, but not in Thailand. I do not think while living in Thailand we should use the furniture in Swedish price. Some products in IKEA, are cheap, while some products are not. Some products, I think I can find them with cheaper prices in the markets around Bangkok. But, for some products I do not know where to find them. So, shopping in IKEA in Bangkok is similar to shopping in Daiso. It is about thinking and selecting. Think whether the price is overrated and select the one that is worth the price!

Update: December, 2014

Location/ How to get there: IKEA is located in Mega Bangna Shopping Mall, a shopping mall in Samutprakarn Province. The easiest way to go is to get off the skytrain (BTS) at Udomsuk. Take exit 5 and wait for the free shuttle bus. The bus runs from 7.00 am to 11.00pm and it comes every 20-30 minutes.


Opening Hours: Everyday from 10.00-22.00

Have you ever been to IKEA in Mega Bangna? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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