In Thailand, take your shoes off at these places

From my experience, in many countries that I have been, taking shoes off while traveling to some places is very rare. But, Thailand is different. Today I would like to share you a Thai basic rule of etiquette that you should be aware of, which is removing your shoes off before entering some places.

Temples (or Wats): There are many temples in Thailand. Usually when you walk into the temples, you do not have to take your shoes off. But if you walk into the building or ubosot in the temples, you are required to remove your shoes. Most temples have a sign written in English asking you to take the shoes off, and some temples even provide shoe racks for the visitors.


Palaces and Museums: Some palaces and museums are also required you to take your shoes off such as Vimanmek Mansion (a former royal palace), Suan Pakkad Palace, and The Erawan Museum. You are not allowed to walk around with your shoes. Same as temples, mostly you will see a sign and shoe racks.

Independent shops: some independent shops on street require you to take off your shoes before entering the shops. Some shops have a sign telling you to do so, while some shops do not have. It is not strange to ask the shop owner if you are not sure. Thai also do so; we ask if we do not see the sign.

A Thai’s home: we usually walk in our home barefoot because it is clean, and we clean our home almost every day. And the guests do so. So, if you are invited to your Thai friend’s home, you should take your shoes off before entering the home.

So, if you plan to go to temples, palaces, museums, or your friend’s home in Thailand, you might wear the shoes that are easily taken off. Hope this information helps.

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