Infinite love… a Thai short film to promote Singapore

Infinite love is a Thai romantic short film that intends to promote Singapore. This short film is a story of a Thai songwriter man named Gorn and a Thai woman named Cat. Last year they met each other when Gorn came to Singapore for the first time to find an inspiration for his work. Both of them decided not to give phone number or email to contact to each after because Cat would move to Singapore. This year Gorn decides to go back to Singapore again, and he meets her again. But this time he meets Cat with another guy.


The story is cute and sweet, and I like how Cat gives a clue to Gorn that she likes him. While watching this film, you will see many beautiful scenes in Singapore. I have been to Singapore before, and I want to come back to Singapore because of this film. Singapore Tourism Board has done a great job!

If you want to watch this short film, I recommend you to start from ‘the last single’, a music video telling you their story on the first time that they met first. Then, follow a journey of their love in the short film. Both the music video and the full short film are available in Youtube with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

The music video

The full-movie

Have you ever watched Infinite Love? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment! 

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