Photo Story: Inspiration from flowers, nature, and human


Photo Name: Inspiration from flowers, nature, and human

When: July, 2013

Where: Riga, Latvia

Story behind:

What inspires you to travel to a country? It could be its culture, its food, or its unique natural landscape. What I could not believe was there was once that just only a photo of a building façade in a country attracted me to visit its country.

That building is a building located in Quiet Center area in Riga, Latvia. The area is well known for Art Nouveau buildings, and the most famous streets are on Albert Street and Elizabeth Street. Those amazing buildings were inspired by flowers, nature, and human and they inspired me to visit Riga. The details of many building façades that are unique and elaborate made me stunned. And I remember that while looking at one building façade, I heard a tourist guy who stood behind me said…Wow, it’s fantastic!


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