Is Pratunam a good area to stay?

As you may know, Pratunam is one of the shopping districts in Bangkok. The area is full of thousands of stores selling trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories at cheap and wholesale prices. Many Thais and foreigners go there to buy goods in order to resell them for a profit later. 

Some travelers choose to stay in this area because it is in the middle of the popular shopping district where they can shop all day and night. Besides, it is one of the best areas to try Thai street food. However, the drawback of this area is it is not connected with any rapid transportation system in Bangkok such as BTS and MRT. So, it is definitely not convenient when they want to visit other places in Bangkok.

So, to answer the question “Is Pratunam a good area to stay?”, I would say it depends. If your purpose to visit Bangkok is for shopping especially to resell to customers, I recommend you to stay at Pratunam. But if you are a first-time traveler or you would like to wander around Bangkok, I would recommend you to stay along either the BTS line or the MRT line. These public transportation systems connect with several interesting places. 

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