Jeffer Steak @ Bangkok, Thailand

Jeffer Steak and Seafood is a steak restaurant that can be easily found in the shopping malls in Bangkok. The restaurant offers a wide range of steak and seafood combos.

Many years ago I went to this restaurant quite often because it had a branch near my office. Not so long ago, I had a chance to eat at this restaurant again.

Let’s see the menu first. In the menu, both English and Thai language are provided.

To order the food here, there are only 3 steps. First of all, select the steak you like. Then select the side dish; it could be butter rice, french fries, and others. And the last step which is optional is select the sauce (pay 15 baht more).

They have a wide range of appetizer options and also soup such as corn cream soup, mushroom soup, and so on.

Salad and spaghetti can also be found here.

In the menu, they also organize by type of meat which make it easy for the customers to choose what they want to eat.

There are colorful and cute sets for kids. And of course, you can order dessert after the meal.

On that day, I went to the restaurant alone and ordered Chicken Breast with Pepper Sauce. For me, the steak was so so and not that delicious. The service quality of staff is ok, nothing to complain. The price was pretty cheap.

However, I love Eat Am Are Good Steak more, but this restaurant has less branch and most of the branches are at Victory Monument. 

Update: May, 2017


Location & How to get there: Currently this restaurant has more than 30 branches in Bangkok and you can also find it outside Bangkok. The branches that can be reached by either BTS Skytrain or MRT are Terminal21, Union Mall, Chamchuri Square, and so on.

Price: about 100-300 baht per person, depending on what you order. 

Have you ever been to Jeffer Steak Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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