Jim Thompson House Museum… Traditional Thai House and Museum

 Let me tell you first who Jim Thompson is and why we have to go to his house which now is a museum. 


Jim Thompson is an American architect who volunteered for service in the U.S. Army. He was sent to Bangkok and fell in love with Thailand. So after leaving the service, he returned to Thailand and lived here permanently. 

He was a collector who bought many antiquities and art from several places not only in Thailand, but also around the world. He bought 6 Thai traditional houses and combined it as a house. 4 of them were bought from Ayudhya province (the old capital city) and 2 of them were bought from BanKrua.

During the tour, I saw a beautiful door that perfectly fit with the house. The guide told me that the door was bought from pawnshop. With his talent to mix and match, things from several places were put together perfectly.

Besides, he revived the hand weaving of silk and built a silk company. With his contribution, the Thai silk is well-known worldwide.

So, if you want to see traditional Thai houses or collection of antiquities and art, this place is for you.


There will be a guide telling you the history of the house. At first, I thought it would be available only in Thai and English. But, actually it is more than that. I’m not sure how many languages they offer, but French and Japanese are also available (I heard the guides spoke in these languages).

It was quite crowded with foreigner. I saw more foreigner than Thais and the tours that were conducted in English had more people than the ones that were conducted in Thai. We were not allowed to take photos of anything in the house, so all photos here were taken from the outside only. JimThomsonHouse08 JimThomsonHouse09 JimThomsonHouse10 JimThomsonHouse11

You can also see the demonstration of how to spool and loom silk.




At the house museum, you also can visit a retail store where you can buy silk products such as handbag, shirt and a luxury restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner.


Update: February, 2014

How to get thereThe museum is located at Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, opposite the National Stadium. The easiest way to go there is to get off the skytrain (BTS) at National Stadium station and take exit no. 1. Then take a short walk back, you will see Soi Kasemsan 2. Walk for 10 minutes. The museum is at end of an alley (soi). Free shuttle buses are offered from skytrain. If you are lazy to walk, you can wait for the shuttle.


Admission fee: Adult 100 Baht, Students 50 Baht

Opening Hours: Everyday from 09:00 to 17:00

Have you ever been to Jim Thompson House Museum? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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