Kaixin Dimsum @ Udomsuk, Bangkok, Thailand – Review

Today I am going to recommend you a restaurant named “Kaixin Dimsum”. Kaixin is a name of the restraurant, while dim sum is a Chinese cuisine served in small bite-sized portions in baskets. In Bangkok, dim sum is popular and its restaurant can be found on streets, in the shopping malls, and also in the hotel.

Kaixin Dimsum is an independent restaurant that is popular for its cheap and delicious dim sum.

The restaurant is not that big; there are around 5 tables. And you can see that they put the steaming equipment in front of the restaurant.

There is a sign telling us that the steaming process takes around 6 minutes. So, you can expect to eat in 6 minutes after ordering the food.

Let’s see the menu. Sorry that it is available only in Thai language. But no worries, I myself did not use it much; I walked to the food display cabinet and pointed out what I wanted. Each basket costs 26 baht, and if you order 10 baskets all at once, you will get 1 basket for free.

Dimsum usually servers with tea. At this restaurant, you have several options such as drinking water, Coca Cola, Coffee, Oolong tea, Green tea, Jasmine tea, Chrysanthemum tea, and so on. You can ask them if you cannot read Thai.

Firstly my friend and I ordered 10 baskets in order to get 1 basket for free. Then ordered a little more.

We also loved the sauce here.

We ordered only steaming dishes, but actually the restaurant also served the frying dishes, buns, and soup. I have been to this restaurant once, and definitely will go back again. If you are in Bangkok and want to try dim sum here, try this restaurant.

Update: November, 2017

Location & How to get there: Udomsuk Soi 5, Sukhumvit 103, Bang Na District, Bangkok. You can go there by BTS; get off at Udomsuk Station. Then walk around 5 minutes. You will see the restaurant before seeing “Udomsuk Soi 5” sign.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/KaixinDimsum/

Opening Hours: Daily from 11.00-21.00

Price: about 200 baht per person, depending on what you order. 

Have you ever been to Kaixin Dimsum Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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