Karlskrona… in full bloom

When I started seeing these yellow flowers in the town, I then realized that finally spring arrived in Karlskrona. After snowing for 6 months, it was so good to see the city in color and sunshine. 

Then, people started going outside and having picnic in the parks. The temperature was rising, but it was still cold for me; I still needed a jacket. (Well, actually in Sweden even in summer, I still needed a jacket. The temperature could dramatically drop anytime especially if it rains.)




The flowers were in full bloom everywhere in the town. The town became lively.

At that time, I was busy with my thesis; I always took a break from my work by going outside and taking many photos of flowers in the parks.

InFullBloom04 InFullBloom05 InFullBloom06 InFullBloom07 InFullBloom08

And, also flowers in front of people’s home.

InFullBloom09 InFullBloom10

Those flowers not only were beautiful and vibrant, but also smelled good.

After living in Sweden for a year, I would say spring is my most favorite season. Fall was beautiful with color leaves, but the town was full with fog. Winter was, of course, too cold. Summer in Sweden was like a heaven (not too warm and not too cold), but all beautiful flowers disappeared and people went out of town for holidays. If you see photos in my last 2 posts about the snow and foggy days, you would see the different of the city in each season and understand why I love spring.

What is your most favorite season of the year? Do you like flowers in spring? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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