Karlskrona…I saw the seasons changed

As you may know, Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons: rainy, hot, and cool. I, who live in the central of Thailand, don’t see the difference of each season much. Everything around me such as trees, flowers, houses and buildings looks the same all year long.

I was so glad when I knew that I had a chance to live in Sweden for a year. The first thing came to my mind was I would have a chance to see snow! Like everyone knows, Sweden is a very cold country. A year in Sweden made me know how cold this country was…it was freezing cold. It was always cold even in summer! I lived in Karlskrona which is located in the South of Sweden and my Swedish friend told me that Karlskrona was a lot warmer than the city in the north…I could not imagine how people in the north live their lives!

I saw the seasons changed there. I arrived Karlskrona during late summer. A month or two later, autumn came; I saw the colorful leaves around the city. Of course, I took many photos because it was something new for me and I could not see these red and yellow leaves in my very warm city. I’m not sure whether time flew very fast or the autumn there was very short; the winter arrived. Yes, I took a lot more photos. I was excited with my first snow there. The city looked white and beautiful everywhere. The house roofs turned to be white. The sea became ice. I had to buy a pair of snow shoes and wear scarf, knitted hat, and winter coat. Scarves and knitted hats were not just only beauty accessories anymore. I need them; they were necessary to keep my body warm. But that winter was so long! I did not expect to see snow almost every day for almost 6 months! Living in a cold and dark city for several months made me realize the value of the sun and feel homesick. I could not wait to take my jacket and scarf off. Well, finally spring came. The temperature rose up a little bit, and I could see the sun more often. Then, summer arrived. And I just realized at that time that summer in Sweden I still needed a jacket! The temperature could drop very quickly especially on rainy days.

Things over there, were opposite from my home country. Instead of AC, people there needed heater. Having actual seasons was a new experience for me. Since I took a lot of photos, unintentionally I got a series of photos of “seasons changed” which reminds me of the difference of each season there and how I survived a year in the freezing cold country. I would like to share you those photos and hope you enjoy!


A car park through my bedroom window



Looking back to the houses from a small island



Snow VS colorful flowers



A nice view through my friend room



My mattress in winter turned to be a lawn in summer


House roofs turned to be white in one night.


In front of my apartment



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