KFC in Bangkok… you can have spicy chicken with rice

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a popular fast food restaurant chain that you can see in many countries. I have been to KFC in Thailand many times and in France once. To be honest, I could not remember the difference or similarity of the taste between the one in France and the one in Bangkok. But, one obvious different thing is in Bangkok you can find chicken with rice in KFC.

KFC in Bangkok serves ‘rice’. From Wikipedia, other Asian countries do so. Currently in Bangkok there are 3 choices available for us: Spicy Chicken Rice, Spicy Roasted Chicken Rice, and Spicy Chicken Lemon Rice.


Yesterday I had lunch with my friend at KFC. We both chose the rice meals. Mine is Spicy Chicken Rice.


My friend is Spicy Chicken Lemon Rice.


Each costs only 59 baht, which is pretty cheap if comparing with other restaurant chains in Bangkok.

My friend likes egg tart (layered soft and crispy pie) at KFC, so she ordered 2 pieces of egg tart: the original (on the left) and the chocolate banana flavor (on the right). I like the latter more.


All in all, if you like fried chicken or KFC, I recommend you to try it when visiting Bangkok. The spicy chicken is really awesome especially when serving with rice!

Have you ever been to KFC in Bangkok? Have you ever tried ‘rice’ menu? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment! 


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