Khao San Road… How it looks like

Khao San Road is a short street in Bangkok. It is a popular place to stay for tourists especially backpackers. If you have not been to the road before and wonder how it looks like, this post will give you an answer.

This street is full with pubs, bars, restaurants, street stalls. The majority of people walking on this street are tourists, but you still can see some Thai there. Last weekend my friend and I went to Khao San Road. Before this time, I went there about 5 years ago. This road did not change much from last time; it was still the same, lively and crowded.


If you are going to visit Thailand and finding a lively place to stay, the hotels/ hostels around could be your choice.


I personally do not like Khao San Road much. I like the atmosphere of the pubs and bars at Rambuttri Road more. Some parts of this road run parallel to Khao San Road. This two roads are very close to each other (only a minute walk), but they are different. Rambuttri Road is little less crowded and bustle.

Rambuttri01 Rambuttri02

Khao San road is one of the popular nightlife places in Bangkok. You might plan to spend a night or two there.

Anyway, if you prefer to stay at a quiet place, this area is highly not recommended. Besides, the downside of this area is it does not connect with any express train (BTS Sky train nor MRT Subway). So, it would be takes more time to visit other parts of Bangkok.

Have you ever been to Khao San Road or Rambuttri Road? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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