Khao Sok National Park… Guilin of Thailand

Do you know Guilin? It is one of the tourist attractions in China which is famous for its landscape and view. Khao Sok is claimed as Guilin of Thailand. It is one of my favorite places in Thailand and if you are a nature lover, I am sure you will like this place.

Khao Sok National Park is located in Suratthani province, southern of Thailand. The area of this national park includes Cheow Lan or Ratchaprapha dam. The large area of tropical rainforest with limestone mountain range makes this place popular for local.

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On April 2007, my friends and I bought a package tour which included transportations, tours, meals, and accommodations – all in one. If I am not wrong, we stayed two nights in the floating raft house in the dam and one more night at the resort on the land.

It was my first time staying in the floating raft house. And frankly, I was not impressed much. So, there are few things that you should check before you plan to stay in the raft house at Khao Sok.

First of all, no bathroom. The accommodation that I stayed had no bathroom and the toilets were not clean! We took a bath in the dam. Umm… it was the biggest bathtub I have ever used!

Second of all, it is about sleeping. Since each room was connected to each other and the raft was not built for any comfort, when someone walked pass I could feel it. And it woke me up all night!

The last thing is the food. The foods were very tasty for me. They were spicier than the food in the central of Thailand. Well, I just want to warn you, but actually I like them.

Anyway, do not worry about the accommodation. I realize later that there is a more luxury raft than the one that I stayed. I mean they have private bathroom and the raft was well built. So, you just have to check before booking a tour.

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The package also included the trekking tour to the cave where we could see the beauty of the natural stalactites and stalagmites. It is the best one I have seen so far!

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All in all, I like the nature there, but I was not impressed with the accommodation. If you are kind of bored with touristy places in the southern of Thailand like Koh Samui or Koh Phi Phi, you might consider this place. More information about Khao sok could be found here.

Have you ever been to Khao Sok National Park? Do you think it is worth visiting? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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