Khlong Thom Market is about to shut down

As you may know, Bangkok has markets almost every corner. Only few steps from your accommodation, you will see stalls selling food, clothes, or other products. But you know, some of them are selling goods in undesignated areas.

Since December last year, BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) has tried to demolish vendors stall in Khlong Thom Market because they have blocked the footpaths and the roads. It has not succeeded yet. Many vendors came to City Hall to protest the plan. The deadline to relocate to new sites was extended from Dec 27 to Feb 28. Let’s see what will happen.

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Here is a little background about the market; Khlong Thom Market is a popular night market in Bangkok where you can buy second-hand products, cheap electronic products, and also vintage stuffs. This market is very unique comparing to other night markets in Bangkok. The market is open from Saturdays 5.00pm to Sundays 5.00 pm. Another name of this market is Flashlight Market. It has been called like this because the customers have to use a torch to view the goods. I do not know when this market was built; I have seen the market since I was very young.

BMA is now cleaning up Khlong Thom Market, and the next target is Sukhumvit Road area such as Nana. Many people (including me) do agree with this plan because the footpaths in front of the house belong to the public, and for some areas current we do not have even a little space to walk! I want to see clean roads!!!

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