Koh Chang… a popular island in eastern Thailand

Koh Chang or Chang Island is a popular island in Trat province. This island is located in the east of Bangkok. Chang literally means elephant and the name of the island came from the shape of the island’s headland.

Koh Chang is quite big in size; it is the third largest island in Thailand. On this island there are several villages and also several beaches. You can find both luxury and budget accommodations. I have been to Koh Chang twice. The first time I went there for a company trip and stayed at the luxury hotel. And the second time I went there with my friends on weekend and stayed at the fishermen’s village (my friend’s home) for a night and at the hotel for a night.



Same as Koh Kood which is also located in the east of Bangkok, for me Koh Chang is not a great snorkeling site. The coral reefs around these two islands were less beautiful than the islands located in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. So, if your goal is to snorkel or dive, I do recommend Tarutao National Marine Park (Andaman Sea) or Koh Nang Yuan (and Koh Tao) (Gulf of Thailand). But if you want the less crowded islands where you can enjoy crystal clear water and white sand beaches, I do recommend Koh Chang.


The most popular beach for both Thai people and foreigners on this island is Had Sai Khao or White Sand Beach, so sometimes it is very crowded. If you prefer quiet and isolation beach, Had Klong Prao could be your choice. You can rent a motorbike to explore the island and other beaches too.

From Bangkok, to go to Koh Chang, you can take a bus at Ekamai bus terminal to Laem Ngop or Laem Ngob. Then, take ferry to Chang Island.


Have you ever been to Koh Chang? Or other islands in the east of Bangkok? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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