Ladda Land… a Thai horror movie based on an urban legend

Ladda Land is a Thai horror movie that was released on 2011. This movie was very successful and won many awards in Thailand. It is based on an urban legend about a cursed place named “Ladda Land”. I remember that I could not watch it until the end for the first time, because I was so scared. And, I had to watch it again because I wanted to know the ending.

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The story begins when Thee decides to move from Bangkok to a village named Ladda Land in Chiang Mai, a province in northern Thailand. He brought his wife and his two children with him. He intends to make a happy life for everyone. But, things do not go as planned. Thee starts having problem with his job. There is a murder of a Burmese housemaid in the village. His daughter does not want to live in this village anymore. And, more important, the whole family gradually begins to see paranormal things.

All in all, I would say this movie is one of my favorite Thai horror movies. The movie did a great job for not only the ghost scenes, but also the drama scenes to show us how much a guy loves his family, and then how he tries to survive when he is in trouble with the common issues in real life.

Here is the movie’s International Trailer. Enjoy watching!

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