Lake Como… Just an hour from Milan

Lake Como is the third largest lake which is located in northern Italy. There are beautiful villas around the lake, so unsurprisingly it is one of the tourist attraction places in Italy. During my summer trip in Italy, I decided to make a day trip visiting the lake and 2 villas around.

Villa Varenna

It took me only an hour by train from Milan to Villa Varenna. When I first stepped into the villa, I promptly understood why Lake Como was popular. Fresh air, nice weather, cute villas, and mountains behind the lake were a good blend. I loved walking around the lake.

 LakeComo01 LakeComo02 LakeComo03 LakeComo04 LakeComo05

And this is the view from the ferry when I left Villa Varenna to Villa Bellagio.


Villa Bellagio

I was getting closer to Villa Bellagio.


This villa is bigger than Villa Varenna and it also was more crowded. Well,it was nice…

 LakeComo08 LakeComo09 LakeComo10 LakeComo11 LakeComo12

I spent more than half a day at Lake Como and took the train back to Milan in the evening.

Milan was the city I had been to several times, but on that day it was the first time I went to see the cathedral church of Milan.

The center of Milan was not near the Milan central train station, so I had to take a subway. That was the first time I used the subway in Italy. I would say it was old and dirty! And be careful as there was a guy tried to help me buy a ticket from the machine. Then he asked me for money!!! You should buy the ticket either by yourself from the machine or from the grocery shop in the subway. It costed the same price.

When I stepped up from the subway, I immediately saw the Duomo or Milan Cathedral. This big church looked gorgeous from the outside, but I was not impressed the interior decoration much.

Going up to the roof of the church is possible, but you have to pay for a ticket. I did not do so since I was not sure whether it was worth the ticket price.


If you like shopping, you might enjoy Milan. I have heard that Milan usually is the last destination for many Thais when they visit Italy because they will shop a lot here before going home.

 Milan02 Milan03 Milan04

All in all, I would say I didn’t like Milan much, but I did like Lake Como a lot. I regretted that I spent 2 nights in Milan and only made a day trip to Lake Como. I should have planned to stay overnight at Lake Como instead! It was a perfect place to spend your holiday time there. If you plan to travel Italy, I do recommend you to not just visit the villas as a day trip, but stay overnight there.

Well, even if I really like Lake Como, but Lake Carezza is still my favorite lake in Italy ever. If you go to northern Italy, do not miss it.

Have you ever been to Lake Como? Or any other lakes in Italy? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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