Lalai Sap… a shopping market in Silom business district

I have recommended you many shopping places in Bangkok (both indoors and outdoors). In order to tell you that you can do shopping in any areas in Bangkok, today I will recommend you one more place. This market is called Lalai Sap. It literally means vanishing money. It was named like this because people usually spend a lot of money here. So, be careful!


This market is an outdoor market, but some areas are air-conditioned. The alley is full with miscellaneous shops. You can find that the products are mixed together. They are not organized. Don’t be surprised if you see clothes and umbrellas or shoes and foods sold in the same shop. I love buying food at this market.


Since this market is located in business district area, the major customer of this market is office worker. It usually is crowded around noon because we shop during lunch break!  So, if you want to go to this market, please avoid that time period.

LalaiSap03 LalaiSap04

And don’t forget to eat fish cake. This stall is quite popular for locals.


Update: June, 2014

How to get there: This market is located at Silom Soi 5, but locals usually call Soi Lalai Sap. The easiest way to go there is by skytrain (BTS). You can get off at either Sala Daeng Station or Chong Nonsi Station. Then, walk for five minutes. If you walk from Sala Daeng Station, you can start shopping immediately after getting off the BTS because there are many stalls along the way to Soi Lalai Sap.


Opening Hours: This market is open on Mondays to Fridays from 06.00 to 16.00 (except public holidays).

Have you ever been to Lalai Sap Market? Have you ever been to any outdoor marketsin Bangkok? Share your experience with me in comments!

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